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  • Internal link is an important element of SEO.
  • There are best practices to optimize internal links.
  • Using topic cluster model is recommended.
  • However, there have been no good way to check internal link.
  • Try Link Map Viewer to visualize internal link.

Internal link is important, but it is not just a matter of connecting articles on your site with internal link. They must be placed in such a way that they are meaningful (valuable) to both search engines and readers, or they will not be effective.

However, there have been no good way to check internal link. They are just difficult to maintain our motivation.

So I developed Link Map Viewer to change this situation.


If what you want to know is visualization, please skip to "Visualizing internal link".

Optimizing internal link for SEO

Internal links should be placed with care, otherwise they won't be effective for SEO. There are best practices for optimizing internal links for high SEO effectiveness.

This article describes 16 practical methods to achieve this.

Building topic cluster with internal link

It is said that if you structure a group of articles based on topic cluster model, you are more likely to improve your search rankings. The model has a rather long history and seems to be highly credible.

Explains what is topic cluster model and how to write articles based on it.

Solution to cannibalization issue

While duplicate content does not result in a penalty, it is believed that it makes it harder to increase the rating of targeted articles because of the dispersion (cannibalization) of article ratings.

Anti-cannibalization has been a longstanding issue, and search engine developers have introduced canonical tag as a solution to this problem.

Tools to check internal link issues

To check issues of internal links (+ external links), like broken links, it is best to use appropriate tool for the purpose. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to reduce man-hours by combining the tools of your choice.

You may find tools exactly what you were looking for.

Visualizing internal link

When it comes to checking status of internal link, there is no better way than visualization. Visual perception is the most efficient way for humans.

Tools and services to visualize internal link

Many of you have tried tools and services that visualize internal link. But I guess they made unusable, disappointing results.

That is why I developed Link Map Viewer to fill missing space.

Link Map Viewer comes to rescue (YouTube Video)

Enjoy YouTube video demonstrating Link Map Viewer. Completely different solution for common SEO issue that no one could solve.  

What is Link Map Viewer

Managing internal link properly in daily basis has been mostly impossible task since there was no suitable tool/service for it.

Link Map Viewer changes this game by visualizing internal link with completely different approach.

Link Map Viewer official manual

Official manual "Make Internal Link Management Easy:Link Map Viewer Official Manual" is available at Kindle eBook store. Kindle Unlimited subscriber can read it for free.

Try Link Map Viewer

It was subscription based paid service before but now it is absolutely free. Anyone can use it for free of charge. Enjoy.

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Visualize internal link / site structure with Link Map Viewer

To check and manage internal link structure, you need right tool for it. Otherwise, it would be too inefficient to continue. And until now, there has been no (decent) tool for this purpose.

I developed Link Map Viewer to change this situation.

Practical method to check internal link

There has been no practical way to check how internal links are currently working within a site and what state they are in between articles. Visualization is the best way to check the internal link structure (i.e., site structure), but there was nothing that could do this at a practical level.

Link Map Viewer was developed to solve this problem.

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